Magnetar Barbarian Magnet

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Brand: Magnetar, GTIN: 7434643167166
A Barbarian fishing magnet, the most powerful all-round 360° magnet in the World! 100% quality.
In order to protect your magnet against chips or cracks and to increase its lifespan during use, the purchase of the protective cover is strongly recommended.
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Magnetar Barbarian Magnet
In stock
(3 reviews) Write a review


Exclusive Barbarian fishing magnet (Rope is not included)

Our proud: the exclusive barbarian fishing magnet! This magnet is especially designed for strong, professional magnet fishermen. This Magnetar fishing magnet is the larger successor to the well-known Beast magnet. The Barbarian fishing magnet has an extra-large diameter which makes it more powerful. Because the magnet is heavier, it sinks extra deep into the mud/silt. This allows the magnet to reach deeper objects.

Beware, this is no child's play! This fishing magnet is so powerful that you have to use this magnet consciously. This magnet is not suitable for children! The magnet has an incredibly strong magnetic attraction and will, therefore, attract all magnetic objects from afar. This Barbarian magnet, therefore, has no difficulty in fishing objects, even if the objects are round, rusty or lie submerged into the silt. When buying several strong magnets, we recommend that you use them at a reasonable distance from each other and store them away from each other.

Allround Barbarian fishing magnet

The Barbarian is an all-round fishing magnet. This means that this magnet has a magnetic pulling force on all sides of the magnet. Many magnets only have magnetic attraction at the bottom of the magnet, which reduces the chance of catching. This is not the case with our Barbarian exclusive fishing magnet, because this magnet is made of 100% neodymium and therefore has a magnetic field shaped like a ball around the magnet. This makes the magnet more fragile, but with this magnet, you are assured of an optimal catching chance. Do you want to protect the exclusive magnets against chipping/damage? take a look at our protective covers.

High Quality

Our fishing magnets are made of the best neodymium. In this way, our Magnetar magnets retain its mentioned magnetic pulling power and only 1% is lost in 100 years. This is in contrast to most other magnet providers whose magnets already shows pull strength loss after a few weeks. At the moment there are more and more bad magnets appearing, magnets with lesser quality neodymium: this to lower the price and make the magnet look bigger. When you buy such a magnet you end up disappointed and a bargain turns into an expensive buy.

All our magnets are drawn, designed and made by ourselves to enable you to retrieve most of the treasures from the bottom. We test our magnets with professional equipment so that the pulling power is guaranteed. Through our own fishing experience, we know what the best product properties for hobby magnet fishing are and this is reflected in our high quality, powerful and reliable fishing magnets.


WARNING: Neodymium magnets we sell are very strong. They must be handled with great care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers and other body parts can get severely pinched between two attracting magnets. Bones can be broken by larger magnets. Neodymium magnets are hard and brittle. They can chip, crack or shatter if allowed to slam together. Gloves and eye protection glasses should be worn when handling these magnets, because shattering magnets can launch pieces at great speeds and sparks may be produced. Strong magnetic fields of neodymium magnets can also damage magnetic media such as floppy disks, credit cards, magnetic I.D. cards, cassette tapes, video tapes or other such devices. Electronics such televisions, VCR, computer monitors and other CRT displays can also be damaged. Small children should not be allowed to play with neodymium magnets as they can be dangerous.  Older children should be supervised.  Never allow neodymium magnets near a person with a pacemaker or similar medical device. The strong magnetic fields of the magnets can affect the operation of such devices.


  • Enhanced magnetic attraction
  • EXTREMELY strong
  • Caution required when not enclosed with protective cover!
  • Not suitable for children: 18+!
  • Recommended rope: 8mm or 10mm (Rope is not included)
  • Available with protective cover: highly recommended
  • Pull force: 4 X 400kg ≈ 1600 kg 4 X 880lb ≈ 3520 lb
  • Magnet type: Allround
  • Pull force type: Allround
  • Material: Neodymium
  • Weight: 2400 g 5.3 lb
  • Diameter: 90 mm Ø
  • Magnet height: 50 mmHeight with screw eye: 93 mm
  • Screw eye: M8
  • Max. Temp.: 80° C


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La puissance de cette aimant est phénoménal. Succès assuré. Rien de comparable. C'est du solide.
Des le premier lancer, si il y de quoi dans les 30cm autour de la Barbarian, vous l'aurez. Attention c'est un " Game Changer" ne soyez pas intimidé par le prix. Vous serez ravie.
L'aimant la plus puissante au monde est incontestablement l'aimant 360° de pêche en Néodyme "Barbarian" rien ne lui résiste.
Elle est fragile, à éviter sur les fonds rocheux.
Mais attention leur puissance et leur efficacité est telle que seuls les adultes doivent les manipuler ! (no Fake)
la puissance la force sur 360 degrés c fou
rien à dire
WOW faire très attention vraiment puissant.