Complete Guide to Magnet Fishing in Quebec

Robert Golfier

Complete Guide to Magnet Fishing in Quebec: 2023 Edition

Paperback – November 23, 2022

French edition by Mr Serge Côté


Magnet fishing.

"Magnet fishing" is a hobby, ecological and fun, useful and respectful of fish which consists of "fishing" the metal waste in the water, instead of impaling living beings by the lips. It cleans animal habitats and protects fish, turtles, birds and other animals from eating or becoming entangled in debris, which can kill them. This approach tends to become popular and today people all over the world adopt this activity respectful of animals and the environment.

Healthy and enjoyable entertainment

Want to participate? It's simple ! Just gather a few friends and the necessary tools (a neodymium magnet, a rope, a bucket, head to a beach, lake, pond, stream or river to start "magnet fishing" To learn more about magnet fishing, join us here:

You don't need a boat, but if you have one it can obviously help you reach deeper areas and places that are not accessible from the shore. It is also advisable to wear work gloves, as anything you take out of the water will likely be dirty and may have sharp edges.

Wherever you go magnet fishing, be sure to bring a large container for all your "treasures" and make sure your loot ends up in an ecocentre, recycling bin or trash can. afterwards.
You never know what you may find – trash divers have found toys, bikes, scooters and many more unusual items. It's all part of the fun of “magnet fishing”!

Unlike traditional fishing, which involves sitting around and waiting for an unfortunate fish to take the bait, magnet fishing is great for kids and will keep you busy and entertained for a long time. In one afternoon, you can easily grab a hundred pounds of ferrous scrap!

Why catch trash instead of trout?

Because fishing with magnets doesn't harm fish, because every year millions of birds, turtles and other animals suffer crippling injuries from swallowing hooks or getting tangled in fishing lines. fishing and other waste. Wildlife rehabilitation specialists say that derelict fishing gear is one of the biggest threats to aquatic animals. You are sure to find some when you practice magnet fishing!

So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends, family and people who follow you on social media to join you at the water's edge or any other place that needs cleaning up for an afternoon of magnet fishing. You can even host your own magnet fishing tournament, with prizes for the biggest loot, most items caught or unique find.

Share your best photos with Pêche à l'Aimant Québec online and don't forget to write a little comment, anecdote to spark conversation. You can also share a "picnic" meal with a friend, group or family.


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