QUEST V80 Metal Detector

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Brand: Quest, GTIN: 740107394632, MFR#: 2208.102
Unearth hidden treasures with the NEW QUEST V80 Metal Detector! Perfect for all ages and skill levels, it offers adjustable settings for a tailored search. The waterproof BLIZZARD coil allows underwater exploration. Start your adventure today!
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QUEST V80 Metal Detector
In stock
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QUEST V80 Metal Detector

Introducing the latest innovation from QUEST - the QUEST V80 detector. This highly anticipated device combines advanced technology to effortlessly and accurately locate hidden targets in the ground with incredible ease and speed!

The HYPERQ platform sets a new standard by simultaneously delivering multiple frequencies, including signals up to 80kHz. This capability allows the V80 to detect fainter targets at greater depths with unparalleled precision, even in challenging conditions. Thanks to its high-performance microcontroller with a 480MHz speed Cortex-M7 STM32H750 series and a low latency, low noise 4 channel 768kHz sampling rate ADC5140 from Texas Instruments, the V80 achieves outstanding processing speed.

By utilizing its powerful microcontroller unit (MCU) and analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) unit, the V80 can generate and transmit frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, and 60 simultaneously. This enables the detector to process multiple targets concurrently and rapidly provide valuable results. Notably, the V80 features an automatic noise cancellation function that operates at high accuracy with a single click. It intelligently selects the quietest channel for upcoming detections within just 10 seconds.

The V80's impressive capabilities include a HYPERQ multi-frequency system of up to 80kHz, a flat-foldable telescopic shaft, a Gorilla Tough Blizzard series coil, and fast automatic noise canceling. The device also incorporates haptic feedback vibration, a 400x240 pixels display, and an embodied gyro sensor, which facilitates automatic ground balance, power-saving mode, and enhanced accuracy through motion detection.

Portability and user-friendliness are emphasized in the V80 design, with its highly portable and backpack-friendly structure. The patented "SUPER 3D Telescopic" rod set allows for maximum mobility and adjustability while maintaining a lightweight design. Comfort is prioritized with fully adjustable control box and armrest, and all parts are replaceable for future maintenance.

Precision is the hallmark of the V80, as it is crafted with industry-level aluminum and precisely CNC-machined parts. Despite its advanced technology, the detector remains lightweight, making it an ideal companion for both professionals and weekend adventurers. With the QUEST V80, you can trust that you'll achieve the most accurate results even in the most challenging terrains.

Don't miss out on the incredible capabilities of the QUEST V80. Take the power of deep-level detection with you wherever you go, and find more while missing less!



  • Up to 80Khz HYPERQ multi-frequency
  • Flat-foldable telescopic shaft system
  • Gorilla Tough Blizzard series coil
  • Fast automatic noise canceling
  • Haptic feedback vibration
  • 400x240 pixels display
  • Embodied gyro sensor
  • 5M waterproof ability




HYPERQ: Transmit multi essential frequencies ranging from 7 to 80kHz to the ground, simultaneously.

Higher detection frequency. The HYPERQ platform is able to deliver multiple frequencies, including signals up to 80kHz, simultaneously to find fainter targets deeper with higher precision in difficult conditions. This is possible due to its use of a high-performance micro-controller unit(MCU) with a 480MHz speed Cortex-M7 STM32H750 series, as well as a low latency and low noise 4 channel 768kHz sampling rate ADC5140 from Texas Instruments.

Higher processing speed. The V80 machine is able to generate and transmit frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, and 60, thanks to its powerful MCU and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) unit. Additionally, this combination allows for the processing of multiple targets simultaneously and quickly reporting the most valuable results.

Auto noise canceling. The high-speed processing capability enables us to run high-accuracy automatic noise cancellation with just one click. It will select the quietest channel for the upcoming detection in just 10 seconds.




With the gyro sensor, you can:

  • Initiate automatic ground balance without a manual button press
  • Enable automatic power-saving mode after 5 seconds of no motion
  • Improve accuracy by measuring swing speed and angle with motion detection.




V series metal detectors provide the best weight ratio design in the industry. The original T-style handle and shaft offer you the best detecting experience.

The V80 with Blizzard9 coil will weigh 1140 grams, and weigh 1266 grams with Blizzard11 coil.

The V60 with Bllizard11 coil weighs 1358 grams.



  • Weight: 1140~1266g (2.4~2.8LB)
  • Display: 2.7" B/W 400x240Pixel LCD
  • Telescopic rod: Carbon Fiber Round
  • Coil: 11x10" Blizzard
  • Speaker: Yes
  • Gyro sensor: Yes 
  • Battery: 5600mAh 
  • Wireless headphones: WireFree Pro Bluetooth
  • Receiver Dongle: Included 
  • Headphones adaptor: Included 
  • Haptic Feedback: Vibrator Low latency
  • Frequency: 5 10 15 20 40 60 HYPERQ
  • Saltwater performane: Great
  • Programs: 5+ 20(personal setting) Park Field Beach Gold Cache(deep) 5+ 20(personal setting) Park Field Beach Gold Cache(deep)
  • Iron Volume: 9 Levels
  • Tones: 2 3 5 99
  • Noise canceling: 10 second auto
  • Ground balance: Auto track + Manual pump+ Keyboard setting
  • Gold mode: Special Gold
  • Recover Speed: 1 ~ 9


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