QUEST V60 Metal Detector

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Brand: Quest, GTIN: 740107394649, MFR#: 2206.101
Embark on a journey of uncovering buried treasures with the remarkable QUEST V60 Metal Detector! With its state-of-the-art detection system, you can confidently and swiftly discover metal objects, making your exploration a thrilling experience. Venture into the unknown and let the mysteries of hidden treasures unfold before you!
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QUEST V60 Metal Detector
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QUEST V60 Metal Detector
Calling all savvy treasure hunters, the QUEST V60 Metal Detector is your ultimate tool! This cutting-edge device harnesses the latest technology, offering unparalleled performance and accuracy across all terrains. Its rugged, waterproof, and shockproof design ensures it can thrive even in the most extreme environments. With the QUEST V60's mighty power at your disposal, you can search deeper and farther, uncovering a myriad of hidden treasures. Don't miss out on this metal detector's unmatched power and precision!

Moreover, the V60 machine boasts a higher processing speed, thanks to its powerful microcontroller unit (MCU) and analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) unit. It generates and transmits frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 kHz allowing for simultaneous processing of multiple targets and swiftly presenting the most valuable results.
Experience the wonders of auto noise cancelling with the cutting-edge capabilities of our technology. With a simple click, our high-speed processing system activates high-accuracy automatic noise cancellation. This revolutionary feature works seamlessly to eliminate unwanted background noise, ensuring crystal-clear detection results.

Within a mere 10 seconds, the intelligent system efficiently analyzes the surrounding environment and expertly selects the quietest channel for your upcoming detection task. This swift and precise channel selection enhances the detector's sensitivity, allowing you to focus solely on capturing the faintest signals from buried treasures or valuable metal objects.

Say goodbye to distractions caused by ambient noise and embrace the convenience and efficiency of our auto noise cancelling feature. Let the detector's enhanced performance and unrivaled accuracy empower you on your quest for hidden treasures, making every exploration a truly rewarding experience.
Enjoy the perfect blend of portability, simplicity, and personalized comfort with our advanced metal detector. Designed to accompany you on every adventure, this detector boasts impressive features that set it apart from the rest.

Firstly, its high portability and user-friendly design ensure effortless retrieval and convenient storage in your backpack. The "SUPER 3D Telescopic" rod set, a patented innovation, allows for flat-foldability, granting you maximum mobility and adjustability while minimizing physical structure.

Enhancing its performance further, the detector comes equipped with the Gorilla Tough Blizzard series coil, ensuring reliable and accurate detection results. The fast automatic noise canceling feature eliminates distractions, enabling you to focus on the real targets that matter.

For an intuitive and immersive experience, the detector incorporates haptic feedback vibration, which provides tactile responses for important detections. The 400x240 pixels display offers clear and detailed visuals, keeping you informed and engaged throughout your exploration.

The addition of an embodied gyro sensor brings a new level of sophistication to the detector's capabilities. Not only does it enable automatic ground balance without manual button presses, but it also activates an automatic power-saving mode after 5 seconds of inactivity, preserving battery life for prolonged usage. Moreover, the gyro sensor enhances accuracy by measuring swing speed and angle through motion detection, ensuring you never miss a valuable find.

We understand that comfort matters, which is why both the control box and armrest are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit for your comfort. Furthermore, all parts are replaceable, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity for your metal detector.

Precision engineering is the backbone of this exceptional detector. Constructed with industry-level aluminum and precisely CNC-machined parts, it achieves unparalleled accuracy and durability. The shaft, thoughtfully broken down into 4 sections, maintains a lightweight design without compromising on sturdiness.

Get ready to embark on extraordinary treasure-hunting journeys with the remarkable capabilities of this metal detector, combining technology, comfort, and precision like never before. Uncover the hidden secrets of the world beneath your feet and make every expedition a memorable success.


  • Frequency (kHz): 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, HYPERQ
  • Saltwater performane: Great
  • Programs: 4 (Park, Field, Saltwater, Gold) + 9 Custom Programs
  • Tones: 2, 3, 5
  • Gold Mode: Special Gold Theme
  • Iron Volume: 5 Levels
  • Fe/NonFe Bias: Yes
  • Noise reduction: Manual, Auto. Noise canceling: 10 second auto
  • Ground balance: Auto + Manual Pumping
  • Recovery Speed: 1 to 5
  • Power: 1 to 3
  • Display: 2.7″ B/W LCD, 400 x 240 pixels
  • Search Coil: 11×10″ Blizzard
  • Telescopic stem Material: Aluminium Round
  • Temp. Range: Operating Ambient Temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C), Non-operating Temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
  • Speaker: Waterproof Loudspeaker, Detachable
  • Haptic feedback: Low latency vibrator
  • Fully submersible to 5 meters: Yes
  • Gyro sensor: Yes
  • Flashlight: Yes
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery 5600 mAh
  • Firmware Upgradeable: Yes
  • LCD Display: 2.7" B/W 400x240Pixel LCD
  • Wireless headphones: WireFree Vibe Bluetooth
  • Receiver Dongle: Optional
  • Headphones adaptor: Included
  • Weight: 1.16 - 1.36 KG (2.5-3LB)
  • Stem Dimensions: Collapses down to 58.42cm (23 inches)


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